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Staircase_2.jpgOxford_13.jpgOxford_14.jpgOxford_16.jpgOxford_15.jpgThe Smallest Pub in Britain.jpgHouse on the Bridge public house.jpgSt James Independent School for Boys.jpgSandwich_02.jpgView through the Gatehouse Exit at Battle Abbey-2.jpgDe La Warr Colonnade_3.jpgStaircase in the De La Warr Pavilion.jpgView through a Colonnade-2.jpgStaircase_2.jpgRose and Crown East Grinstead.jpgSackville College East Grinstead.jpgThe Olde Lockup East Grinstead.jpgWindsor Cottage East Grinstead.jpgHigh Street East Grinstead.jpgFreshfield Hall Forest Row.jpg