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Close-up of Sally B American Bomber at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.jpgIMG_4587.jpgIMG_6531_v1.jpgCAN_32.jpgSeaplane taxiing in Vancouver_02.jpgCanada_48.jpgThe London Eye.jpgView from the London Eye.jpgIMG_2676.jpgGrob G115 Tutor-Heron aircraft.jpgBAE Systems Hawk aerial display at Biggin Hill Airshow.jpgHawk at Biggin Hill.jpgBAE Systems Hawk Fly Past.jpgWingwalkers.jpgSA180 Twister aerial display at Biggin Hill Airshow.jpgRed Bull Matador.jpgJunkers CL1.jpgTally Ho-2.jpgFokker Triplane and Junkers CL1.jpgNieuport 17 (Great War Team) and Sopwith Triplane.jpg